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Day 253: List 5 things that make you sad.

  1. Martyn being sad/ill.
  2. Books with cracked spines.
  3. Stupid people.
  4. Not being able to play guitar.
  5. When I finish a book and want to read the next in the series, but don’t own the next one.

Day 254: List your 5 favourite foods.

  1. Fudge.
  2. Garlic.
  3. Chili.
  4. Caramels.
  5. Ice cream.

Day 255: List your 5 favourite drinks.

  1. Milkshakes.
  2. Fruit juice.
  3. Pink lemonade.
  4. Salted caramel hot chocolate.
  5. Orange lucozade.

Day 256: List 5 things you want to say to 10 different people right now.

  1. "I love you." (1 Person)
  2. "You’re a twat." (1 Person)
  3. "Leave me alone." (5 People)
  4. "Thank you." (2 People)
  5. "I miss you." (1 Person)

Day 257: List 5 good things about your life.

  1. Martyn. :)
  2. I passed my driving test.
  3. I got a new job.
  4. I can play guitar. :P
  5. I can count on both hands the people I love. :)

Day 258: List 5 bad things about your life.

  1. I still have a few problems with food.
  2. I’m insecure.
  3. My own band drive me around the bend.
  4. Anxiety.
  5. I’m lazy.

Day 259: List your family members and how they help you daily.

  • Mum: She cooks me dinner when I’m at home for dinner. That helps because I probably just wouldn’t eat it otherwise, or wouldn’t have anything properly. She also pays for a lot of things for me and helps me out with personal problems.
  • Dad: He helps me out with my car all the time. He pays for petrol and at the moment he pays for my insurance too, until I’m making enough money to do all of that myself.
  • George: My younger brother. He’s just a friend, really. He’s a good laugh and he’s just fun to be around, if that counts? He cheers me up if I’m upset just by being himself, because he’s such an uplifting person. I really love George.
  • Martyn: Yep. I know he’s my boyfriend, so obviously he isn’t related to me. In a way I consider him to be sort of like a part of my family though, if you know what I mean? He helps me a lot, too, so I feel like he deserves a mention in this section. He’s supportive of me and just generally looks after me, really. He helps keep me up off the ground when I’m feeling down.

Day 260: List your 5 favourite songs.

Ohhh… Just five?

  1. Ih Ah! by Devin Townsend - This one is a fairly recent addition, but it means a lot to me. It’s a really emotional song and it’s one that Martyn sent to me, so it’s close to my heart and as a result has become one of my favourite songs.
  2. Oh Yeah by Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot is a band I started listening to just as I met Martyn. This song always stood out because of the guitar riff and it’s so energetic. I can’t help but sing along and it never fails to make me feel good about myself.
  3. Ain’t Life Grand by Slash’s Snakepit - Blues/jazz/rock fusion, this track. I flipping love the song. It’s so sexy and so packed full of feeling and rich guitar. This is one of those songs that I will just never get tired of hearing, and it’s also one of my favourites to play on guitar.
  4. Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter by Joe Bonamassa - This is a more bluesy track, but it’s still got energy to it and I love that about it. It’s fun and lively and you can really dig your teeth into it. I love a bit of blues and Joe Bonamassa does blues unbelievably well.
  5. Cryin’ by Joe Satriani - Satch is one of my biggest guitar influences, I think. This song… It was one of the first songs of his that I learned, and I always found that I could pour so much feeling into it, every time I played it. It’s cathartic and so beautifully written. I love that it’s instrumental and I love that it’s riddled with bluesy guitar licks, and the overall feel of the song is just so powerful that I have to love it.

I have so many other favourite songs and artists though that this list of just five isn’t representative of all my favourite songs, by any stretch of the imagination. I do love all of these songs though and they’re all quite important to me, so that was why I chose them.